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19th July 18

Young at Heart Afternoon Tea


What a wonderful afternoon we had when our Year 6's hosted a 'Young at heart' afternoon tea. They were excellent hosts and hostesses and all of our visitors thoroughly enjoyed chatting to them over a scone and cup of tea.

Outdoor Learning Afternoon


We took our learning outside for the afternoon. What an amazing time we had! The children were totally involved in sports, art, design technology and science activities.

Robin Wood 2018


In September the new Year 5 and 6 pupils will undertake a new residential experience. 

RobinWood at Todmorden, Lancashire - here they will: develop archery skills, canoe and raft build, explore the caves, climb to the highest rock face, build and defat the crate challenge, brave the problem solving dungeon, face the heights in the giant swing, go dark as they explore the nightline, complete chaleenges on the challenge couse! and survive the piranha pool!

PowerPoint of the main details - May 2018

A promotional video on RobinWood is available to borrow from the school office.


Science Roadshow


We enjoyed an amazing scientific day when the Science Roadshow came to school. The children were amazed by the experiments and tests and loved helping out! Some even thought it was magic!

Happy Puzzle Day


What a great day we had when we were visited by the Happy Puzzle company. All of the children immersed themselves in complex and challenging puzzles.

Experience Easter


All of the children and staff enjoyed a memorable journey around our Easter stations. They immersed themselves in prayer and reflection following the journey Jesus would have taken from the Last Supper through to Resurrection from the tomb.

Sport Relief - Ultimate Challenge


The children undertook their Ultimate Challenge for Sport Relief and covered a distance of 486 miles - Wrea Green to Buckingham Palace and back!

Not only that but they then added an extra 80 miles to travel as far as Leeds - hopefully they will run back!

Thank you to all the generous sponsors, we have currently rasied £605 for Sport Relief.

If you'd like to donate our fund giving page is my.sportrelief.com/sponsor/ribby2london

Thank you


Year 1 more photos : Adobe Acrobat file (306.6k)
Year 1  : Adobe Acrobat file (592.5k)

Tower Wood 2018

WW2 Day :  file (1253.6k)
Year 5/6 held a World War II Day to conclude their study on World War II.
The children came to school dressed as evacuees, soldiers, land girls and engineers.
The day started with the issuing of ID cards and Ration Books which  the children had to carry with them at all times of the day!
They also had gas masks boxes and were trained to be prepared in he event of an air raid or gas attack (both of which occurred at different times throughout the day).
After listening to announcements from Chamberlain about the start of the war, the boys headed outside to prepare the ground for growing their own vegetables and practised fire drills, carrying water and working as a team to put out fires.
The girls worked in the kitchen to make several eggless fruit cakes and a syrup loaves. These were later enjoyed in the end of war celebration and tea party.
The children experienced different WWII food in the afternoon and the reaction to SPAM, Bovril and condensed milk was very interesting to see!
The day ended with a traditional sing song and dancing, along with the delicious cakes baked earlier.
A great day was had by all!

Young Voices


Young Voices
What an amazing day our Choir had at the Young Voices
Concert at the Manchester Arena on Monday. Miss
Hargreaves assisted by Mrs McGuinness, Mrs Boast and
Nic Marks ably led our thirty three strong choir through
afternoon rehearsals and a fantastic evening performance.
Thank you to all of the parents for their support. Photos and
video footage to appear on the website shortly.